We had our hospital tour the other day, and it felt pretty much like touring Monticello or some other exhibit, except instead of staring at Thomas Jefferson’s antique desk—we all watched in awe as the delivery room hospital beds folded like origami with the touch of a button. 

It was hard not to get distracted by my own thoughts…

This is where our daughter will be born. Here. In this place. In this city. And these people on the tour with us will be having kids at around the same time as her. Their kids could attend her school, too. Man, these people don’t seem to know how to walk in groups in an organized manner. What if all of these people have idiot kids? Oh God—our daughter is going to be surrounded by idiots. Ok, seriously, did that 6’7” guy just stand in front of me again? Where is your sense of courtesy, guy!?! You know you’re 6’7”, right? You’ve probably been this tall for a very long time, and yet you don’t appear to have any spacial awareness. Note to self: teach our kids about spacial awareness. Wait, what did the nurse just say? Shit. I hope Tate was listening. Ugh, I hope we snag a room with a window. Is that Susan Sarandon in the waiting area?

Six weeks to go. 

Latest trailer for 23 Blast, coming to theatres this October. Directed by and starring Dylan Baker, along with Stephen Lang, Alexa PenaVega, Max Adler, Becky Ann Baker, Bram Hoover and Mark Hapka. 

It’s a true story with a lot of heart. Spending days with Dylan and the creative team while they were in LA was such a treat.

Tate: “You know, I don’t want to be just the tech guy—you know, the guy who sits behind the computer spouting out information for the leads to go off and solve the case. I mean, the paycheck would be great…so maybe when our daughter is going to college or something, then I’d do that role in a heartbeat.”

Me: “Um…hun…I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but by the time she’s going to college, you won’t be the right age for that role. I don’t think they’re going to cast some middle aged man as the hip computer expert. If there’s a virus or something what would you do, suggest they unplug the computer and plug it back in?”

Just got a pair of shoes in the mail that I not only love, but kinda make me feel…like a cool Mom. And I’m pretty excited about it.

I can just hear the pitch about them in a segment on the Today show about how Moms can wear clothes that are elevated casual. “We know you’re tired, but you don’t have to wear your bunny slippers to the park or grocery store! With these leopard sneakers you can look cute while you run after the kids, or even grab a quick happy hour beer with your hubby (without appearing drab) before the sitter is off for the day!”

Yo, cool Moms—buy ‘em here.